CROWN 101.5 FM






Crown 101.5 FM Radio:

No 17,

Ebenezer Church Road,

Eleyele Road,

Parakin Obalufe,


Osun State,






Crown FM 101.5 is a radio station located at the centre of Ile Ife making, it more central to major towns of Yoruba land.

We currently operate on a 2 kilo watts transmitter pushing signal to the World through an eight-bay antennae mounted on a 200 feet mast. We effectively cover surrounding towns up to Ibadan on the West, Ilorin on the North, Ipetu-Ijesha on the East, and Ore/Ondo on the South.

Our programmes are tailored towards enriching the lives of our people. 50% of the programmes is in Yoruba, 40% in English/Pidgin while the remaining 10% covers other languages like Igbo, Hausa, Uroboh etc. "Ojumo Iyi" is the main flagship in Yoruba, while "In Your Face" is the main flagship in English. The 3-hour belt is subdivided into "Eti Oba" that dwells elaborately into reports from different sources including Newspapers, Station reporters and calls from members of the public. The other part involves direct entertainment of special guest who responds to live interviews by a panel.